Building Process

The home building experience

Building with Claman

Deciding whether to build a new home or who to use as a builder? Building a custom home can be stressful, but Claman Custom Homes makes the process straightforward. We are there with you every step of the way. Unlike other local builders, you are not locked into a budget. You have the vision for making your home unique, we have the process to make it happen. Get started today!



The first meeting is to discuss the goals of your dream home. We will define any must-haves and then go over floor plans. We have plans to get you started, but there are unlimited customization options available.



Location is key for a new home and there are multiple lots available to choose from. After the location has been selected and the budget agreed upon, plans will be drawn for approval. Paperwork isn’t signed until everything looks great.



There are many different design choices. Flooring, color schemes, exterior design, fixtures, hardware, and more . The gallery page is full of different design ideas to help with the selection process. Clients even get to shop with Claman to see all of the options in person.



During the building process, clients can come to the site and get a walkthrough at any time. The builders will pour the concrete, build the foundation, then do all the electrical, plumping, and HVAC work. At the end is when all the design choices will be added.



There will be a final inspection and walkthrough with the new homeowner to ensure everything is up to standards and exceeding expectations. Keys will be given to the client and a huge congratulations!

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